Foxford Woollen Mills

Distance: 30km

Time: Approx 35 minutes’ drive from Ceol na Mara guesthouse

Foxford Woollen Mills is a thriving working mill, restaurant and visitors’ centre, which was founded in 1892. Foxford pieces are traditional and treasured possessions with a contemporary and modern design.

Founded in 1892 by a local nun to provide work for a community ravaged by the effects of the Irish famine, Foxford Woollen Mills brought prosperity to the area through the worldwide sales of beautiful tweeds, rugs, and blankets.

Using a multimedia presentation, the centre tells the story of this local industry, then offers an on-site tour of the working mills. Tours run every 20 minutes and last approximately 45 minutes.

A restaurant, shop, exhibition centre, art gallery, heritage room and other craft units (including a doll-making workshop) are also part of the visit.

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